Orifice Flange TypeOF TypeOFJ

Orifice Flange assembly is the combination of orifice plate, flanges having pressure outlet opening, and bolts, nuts and gasket.
Flanges are, of JIS, ASME, JPI etc.

These shall be connected to line pipe by:
1)butt welding (weld neck) or,
2)insert and weld (slip-on, socket weld).

Also, there are flat face(FF), raised face(RF), ring joint(RTJ), etc, depends on the shape of gasket seat.

Flange tap is used for take out differential pressure.


For estimation or order, please advice the fllowing data.

OF : RF-Raised face
OFJ: RTJ-Ring joint groove
If you need the sizes of loss than 50A or more than 400A, please ask us.
Type OF:
JIS10K , 20K , 30K JPI/ANSI 150 , 300 , 600 , 900

Type OFJ:
JPI/ANSI 600 , 900 , 1500
Slip-on weld:S-ON (only for JIS10K)
Slip-on weld:SW (~80A , JIS10K and 20K)
Orifice Flange material
SF440A , SFVC2A , SUSF304 , 304L , 316 , 316L , Titanium , HASTELLOY,  etc.
Bolt / Nut material
SNB7/S45C , SUS304/SUS304 etc
Differential pressure Outlet Connection
Rc1/2 fimale screw
Nipple+R1/2screw , Nipple+NPT1/2 screw
Nipple , plane-end
Nipple+Pressure take out flange
Plate Type
Concentric sharp edge , Quadrant , Eccentric , Segmental
Orifice Plate material
SUS304 , 304L , 316 , 316L , Titanium , Hastelloy , etc.
If any of the following item is necessary, please advise.
Plate thickness
Gasket material
Hardening of orifice edge

Special shape, etc.
Special material, etc.

Please advise the necessary data on“Flow element Specification”for
calculation of orifice sizing , differential pressure and flow rate, referencing “Necessary items for flow calculation”

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