Orifice Plate TypeOP

Orifice Plates are most widely used flow element because of simple shape, easy installation and change, low cost, and high reliability.
There are various types such as: Concentric sharp edge Orifice, Eccentric Orifice, Segmental Orifice, Quadrant Orifice,
D・D/2 taps shall be used for those of sizes 200A(8 inches) and upper.
For those less than 200A, the following types are generally used.
Type OR: Orifice flange assembly combined with orifice ring.
Type OF: Orifice flange assembly combined with orifice flange.

Other than the above, we also have the following types.
Type HR: Orifice plate with holder ring
Type RO: Restriction orifice plate


For our estimation or the order to us, please advise the following.
50A~1000A * If you need the sizes of less than 50A or more than 1000A ,please also ask us.
JIS5K、10K、20K・・・ JPI/ANSI 150、300、600・・・
SUS304 SUS304L SUS316 SUS316L etc.
Orifice Type
Concentric , Quadrant , Eccentric , Segmental , Square
If any of the following item is necessaly, please advise.
Plate thickness
Hardening of orifice edge
Special edge, etc.

Please advise the necessary data on “Flow Element Specification”for
calculation of orifice sizing, differential pressure and flow late, referencing
“Necessary items for flow calculation” .

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