Venturi Tube TypeVT

Compared with the other throttle type, this has very little pressure-loss, long life, and also, correct measurement of the flow because of no deposit in the throat portion.
In addition to the above, this type can be applied to various sizes such as small size (machine-finished one-block) and medium to large sizes (plate-fabricated).
Connection to line pipe is made by butt-welding or flange joint.

ベンチュリー VT型

Plate-welded venturi tube (flange-joint)

ベンチュリー VT型2

Venturi tube with steam jacket

ベンチュリー VT型4ベンチュリー VT型5

Large size plate-welded venturi tube

For our estimation or the order to us, please advise the following.

If you need the sizes of less than 50A or more than 1200A, please also ask us.
SS400 , SB410 , SF440A , SUS304 , 316 , 316L , etc.
Please advise the connection with line pipe.
Butt welding:BW
Flange joint:FLANGE
In this case , please also advise the pressure rating of the flange.
Pipe ID
Please advise inside diameter of the line pipe.
Differential pressure Outlet Connection
1/2 Socket weld : SW1/2
3/4 Socket weld : SW3/4
1/2 Nipple plain and : SW1/2M
1/2 Pressure outlet flange : FL1/2
If any of the following item is necessary, please advise ,
Applicable code, regulation Test, inspection item,
Special configuration, Special material, etc.

Please advise the necessary data on “Flow Element Specification”for
calculation of venturi sizing, differential pressure and flow rate, referencing
“Necessary items for flow calculation” .

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