Flow Engineering Co.,Ltd specializes in engineering, manufacturing and supplying various kinds of throttle elements, the essentials in the measurement of fluid flow.

Flow EngineeringThe flow measurement is one of the most important industrial measuring processes. This process incorporating a throttle element in a pipeline through which a fluid (liquid or gas) flows and using the difference between the upstream and downstream pressures of the flow elements (ex. Orifice, Flow nozzle, Venturi tube, Pitot tube) is mostly used in today’s industrial measurement and automatic control of the flows of fluids. Accurate, reliable flow metering assures efficient plant operations, improves energy use, increases safety and reduces total cost of ownership. Knowledge of each system installed in each part of a process plant can help assure successful startup, eliminate delays and prevent refit. An efficient control system that is installed in one flow line can positively impact on other, remote processes. That is why correct materials selection and installation may determine smooth operations, and may even prevent unexpected events such as shutdown or any trouble.

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オリフィスプレート オリフィスリング オリフィスフランジ フローノズル フローノズルパイプ アッセンブリー スロートタップ フローノズル オリフィスブロック ベンチュリー 多孔式整流板 バーフローチューブ (多孔式ピトー管) ダブルベンチュリー サクションノズル リザーバー・シールポット白

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